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    Bamboo charcoal yarn is made by Taiwan's  Meng Zong bamboo  which has been grown more than  

 4 years and carbonized by traditional soil kiln at more than 700oC temperature, grinding into 100

 nano- charcoal powder by nano- technology, then mixed the bamboo charcoal powder with other raw

 material, after special process, new yarn with health care characteristics has been developed into fabrics

 for cloth, warm socks, towel, wristlet, kneepad.......                                              

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     As bamboo charcoal with innumerable holes structure, can absorb and decompose benzene, phenol,

 methanol, sulfide, nitrides etc, it can reduce harmful matters and odors, such as a 53% deduction in odor

 from  NH3 gas. It also can adjust the moisture, release anions, restrain microbe..etc.

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750 times magnification


  The major function of our products is Warming. According to ITRI test result, with 500W halogen light shone on the bamboo charcoal yarn

 for 10 minutes, the yarn emits  far infrared rays for  87% ~ 92%,  and warm up the temperature  10 oC,   which is much higher than for

 instance wool's with 5 oC.     The bamboo charcoal powder is equally diffused in to the fiber structure and not a coating on the surface,

 therefore any method of washing will not influence its function. It has an excellent water-resistance,  natural no irradiation, the best

 choice of warm textiles.

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